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Mihi Kim 


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Born in Seoul, Korea. Started Flute from the age of 10. Being noticed by Alain Marion during his tour in Korea, and she decided to study music in Europe at the age of 15. Studied in l'Ecole nationale de musique de Meudon, Le Conservatoire national superieur de musique de Paris, Hochschule fur Musik in Koln,and Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Munchen, she acquired bachelor and master degrees, and 'perfectionnement' at the conservatory in Paris. She earned a laureate in the 5th Jean-Pierre Rampal International Flute Competition in 1998,and the 1st prize in the International Flute Competition in Beyreuth in 2000. Besides the activity as a soloist, she studied music pedagogy in the Conservatory in Paris,and acquired flute teacher’s license in 2001, as a first person from outside of Europe. And she build up "Fluting Up!" and "Fluting Up ! LS"(available in 6 languages) introducing the most advancing technologies.She played in more than 200 concerts in France (Cite de la musique, salles gaveaux, Theatre de Champs Elysees etc)and also outside of France, performed in such as Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Serbia, Japan, Slovenia and Italy.Besides activities as concertist, she positively pours her energy in coaching younger generations in master classes etc,her character established through much global experience with her linguistic skill of 6 languages is well accepted in every country. And her performance is sometimes recorded by Radio France and other overseas media. 2 CDs "Autoportraits" (Mandala/Harmonia Mundi), "Pop-arts" (Aeon/Harmonia Mundi) were released so far through collaboration with the composer Regis Campo, and furthermore, an omnibus of works for flute and piano in the early 20 century and a barroc music piece for piccolo are scheduled to be released. Currently, she is working for Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and for Iissi-les-Moulineaux, with raising younger generations. She is also a soloist in Ensemble Multilateral.


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